Responsible Waste Disposal.

All our green waste is disposed of at South Devon Composting, a fully licensed green waste recycling company based on the outskirts of Brixton, Plymouth. They use the waste to produce compost, some of which is used on local farms and the rest is sold on site. 

Capturing Our Carbon.

More and more UK businesses are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint, and we're no different. We've recently signed up to Allstar's EcoPoint programme to help turn our  CO2 emissions into new woodlands. The woodlands will not only capture vehicle CO2, but the also help to reduce flooding, provide habitats for nature, capture other pollutants, purify rivers and offer recreational areas for people in the area. Keep an eye on our social media to see the contributions we're making. 

Battery Power.

Not only are battery powered tools safer, more cost effective and much better for the environment, theyre also much quieter, which makes them perfect for some of our more noise sensitive sites.


We already use a wide range of battery powered machinery and aim to continually add to our collection of emmission free tools as technology advances.

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